Pleasure of Your Company Therapy Dogs, Inc

Membership Application and Process

Membership is open to the public, and all breeds of dogs -- including mixes -- are welcome. Dogs must be at least one year of age, up-to-date on all inoculations and medications, properly licensed for your area of residence, and obedience trained. Potential members attend a general orientation (without their dogs) covering the basics on how to become a therapy dog team. After that, potential members visit one facility with other members of PoYC (again, without their dogs). This visit, as well as the orientation, offers a chance to observe handling issues as well as some of the patients and situations we encounter. It also helps you decide if you want to pursue the process further.

After that, potential members and their dogs are evaluated through a basic obedience and temperament test. There is a $15.00, non-refundable fee for the testing. You will be told at the end of the testing session whether you passed or not. Dog/handler teams that pay pay the annual membership fee of $15.00 ($10.00 after April 30, $5.00 – after August 31). New members are required to make their first therapy dog visit to a facility with another certified handler/dog team. Upon completion of the visit, you will receive your  "Registered Therapy Dog" collar tag and your PoYC identification card for your dog. As a benefit of membership, PoYC provides insurance for all authorized teams during their therapy dog activities.

The membership application document is available at a PDF file. To view it you need Adobe Reader installed on your PC.


CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD POYC Membership Application

The application process has five requirements:
1 - Complete our membership application. Return it with a copy of your current vaccine record and this year's canine license. (For vaccines, we require that your dog is current for rabies and the distemper series vaccines. Titers are accepted for the distemper vaccine.)

 2 - Join another PoYC team on a dogless visit. You shadow the team to see what is involved in a visit. By not bringing your dog, you can observe without worrying about your dog. (Our visitation schedule is available on our calendar which is found on our website:

3 - Once the paperwork is received and reviewed and you have completed the dogless visit, we can add you to you evaluation schedule. We will inform you of the date and time of your next evaluation.

4 - Upon successful completion of the evaluation, you and your dog will accompany one of our evaluators on a therapy dog visit.

5 -  As a final requirement, you and your canine will accompany another therapy dog team on a visit. Upon completion of all five requirements, we will issue your id card and tag for your dog.